• Article for Philthy Mag on Opening Systemic

    Article for Philthy Mag on Opening Systemic

    Psyched to have a fun interview with Izzy at Philthy Mag. You can check it out in full at www.philthymag.com/systemic-a-retrospec…

  • SYSTEMIC : A Retrospective of Americana Artwork by Leta Gray At Phila MOCA

    SYSTEMIC : A Retrospective of Americana Artwork by Leta Gray At Phila MOCA

    Running all month June 1st-30th 2023 Phila MOCA is proud to present: SYSTEMIC A retrospective of Americana artwork by Leta Gray.

    Phila Moca is located at 531 N 12th St, Philadelphia, PA. 19123
    www.philamoca.org pre-order tickets sold online

    Opening reception: Thursday June 1st, doors at 7pm. $15-$20 sliding scale door for music show. No one turned away for art opening.

  • Year of the Rat Posters : Benefit for @Bunnyhop Philadelphia

    Year of the Rat Posters : Benefit for @Bunnyhop Philadelphia

    2020 Year of the Rat, 11 x 17" posters to benefit @bunnyhop Philadelphia. Asking $20 for pickup add $5 for shipping. To purchase send either venmo: @letagray or paypal: letalougray@gmail.com comment "Bunny Hop" and attached you address for delivery.

  • Brutal Youth Sanguine Release

    Brutal Youth Sanguine Release

    September 2016:
    Brutal Youth releases their New album entitled, Sanguine featuring the art of yours truly! This will be a smashing play for all of you out there in rock n roll radio land! I can't to get my hands on a copy of this on vinyl coming in either blood red or beer clean beige. Stay Brutal, keep Sanguine and listen to good music! www.brutalyouth.bandcamp.com

  • March 2012

    Hello everybody. Lots of good stuff coming out of this month be sure to take a gander and get some good music.

    Thulsa Doom's mini east coast tour has taken off. Starting off at the Lake in Brooklyn. Leora (the voxs of thulsa) and I have collaborated together to make an awesome package for this tour. It features an edition of 100 goodie bags of good stuff. There are tote bags featuring the art of yours truly, (in canvas or black) the perfect size for your LP's, a numbered tour poster, cd, buttons, and zine print out. They go at a sliding scale from $10 to $15. Get your hands on them before they're gone!

    The Shakes have released they're first record "Come Over" The 7 inch features two new songs from the band that will make you rock and roll like you're hanging out in pat's hole! They are all hand silkscreened front and back records, it's like a little piece of art, Recorded here in good old filthadelphia, printed at big mama's house. Put out by shit hawk records they are too good for the taking. The art is available in patches too. $5 for the LP and $1 for patches.

  • 11- 11- 11 Grindcore House Philadelphia

    New art. A show featuring Tony Vogt and Leta Gray at the infamous Grindcore House, a vegan coffee house located in South Philadelphia.
    Opening starts at 6 pm goes to 8 pm. Punch and pie.
    Grindcore house is located at 1515 South 4th Street Philadelphia.

  • Welcome to my shit hole!

    Technology you boggle me no more. Welcome to www.letagray.com. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my fart. If you're offended take a hike if you're amused check out more. Feel free to inquire if interested in buying originals or high quality prints. If you're still bored check this out, Im the one with the cool hair! I WANNA GO TO THE BEACH!